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Made in the US of A with the highest quality ingredients. Our house blend is 60% Vegetable Glycerin and 40% Propylne Glycol. Different blends can be made upon request. 


Baja Blastoff
Imagine if the ocean morphed into a citrusy potion of tropical wow.  Now imagine a hurricane. Now imagine vaping that.  Yup. A tropical citrus drink flavor.

Mellow Mango
You're on a sun-kissed Caribbean island, eating soft, flavorful mangoes from a crystal bowl, watching the horizon brighten into the day.  Now, you're closing you're eyes with your ecig, imagining that scene at a bus stop, in a jacuzzi, on a skateboard -- actually keep your eyes open on the skateboard.  Either way, vaping mellow mango makes that daydream a whole lot easier.

Merica' Red Peach and Blue
This is what freedom tastes like. The A team of flavor.  Strawberry, blueberry, peach and even more added sweetness. We pity the fool who don't vape it.    

Strawberry Clouds
We were having some trouble coming up with a name for this.  Then we saw a fat, fleecy, floating cumulonimbus cloud in the sky.  It inspired us.  What if we put a bunch of strawberries in one of those things and vaped it?  Without the gift of flight, this is the best we could do. Strawberries and marshmallows. 

The name 'Serendipity' may seem to suggest a gloriously lucky collision of flavor and color, an exquisite juxtaposition of the senses, the symphony of sight and taste and -- okay, let's back up. It tastes of slightly unripe bananas and a kick of strawberry. Serendipity? Check. 

Vanilla Explosion
Who's the King of creamy treats?  Gelato? Ice cream? Sorbet? Three strikes.  Its custard, the most decadently delicious spoonful of anything you'll put in your mouth.  And what if you could inhale it?  Now you can.